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Website Design
Website Design ServiceWe can help tell your company's story with a professional website that grabs your audience. A strong web presence is vital in today's technology-driven world. Many times, your company's website is the first impression consumers have of your business. It is important to have a clean, easy-to-navigate website that loads quickly and has engaging content.

If designed well, a website is your vehicle to successfully communicate with customers about your company's promotions, services and mission statement. Tools such as helpful hints, informational comparative charts and customer reviews can keep customer's coming back for more.

Information about your company can be delivered in many types of formats, such as audio/video, pictures, blogs and RSS feeds - a simple format that is effortless and inexpensive to modify as you add to your site. We provide Flash integration to give your business a sleek image, offering animation and interactivity.

Some businesses postpone building a website because of cost. But with Finish Line IT, building a website won't bust your budget.

Finish Line IT offers several packages that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Static: A basic website that provides pre-defined, unchanging information to the user. Content that is typically static includes services, company history, and contact information. Text and images on a static website do not move or change unless the code is altered. Static websites typically have five pages but can be customized based on need. You can add animation to a static page with a Flash banner or slide show to make a site more visually appealing.

Dynamic: More advanced, and changes or customizes itself frequently and automatically, based on programming criteria. Dynamic websites are more interactive to enhance the user's experience. While hovering over buttons or links, the website can change to engage users. Because of the added programming complexity, dynamic websites cost more than static websites, but may require less updates. It also keeps the content fresh because it's constantly changing.

E-commerce: Bring your business storefront to the Internet by selling your goods or services online. An e-commerce site automates the purchasing process and allows customers to pay with credit card.

Web Content Management System: A service that allows you to easily update or alter web content through a user interface without having to change the programming of the website. This service is especially useful for businesses that are changing their content on a regular basis.

Web/E-mail Hosting: We offer domain registration, content management services, database services, and secure web space with low latency, so websites open fast. Our web and e-mail hosting is easy to configure and affordable, to get your website online and your email up and working as fast as possible.

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