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Outsourced IT Services
Outsourced IT ServicesBuilding a business is a balancing act. You're smart. Business savvy. But with limited time and resources, you can't run a successful show alone.

Just like you wouldn't perform surgery without formal training, you wouldn't build a reliable business network without consulting an expert. At Finish Line IT, we are your outsourced IT department. We offer outsourced IT services for a fraction of the cost that an in-house IT staff would cost.

You can save tens of thousands of dollars by outsourcing your IT needs, by not having to pay a steep base salary, not to mention bonuses, time off, social security, disability, pensions and retirement plans.

Besides the obvious cost savings, outsourced IT provides many other benefits. Outsourced IT services can give your business access to services which were once only available to large corporations. We can help standardize and streamline your IT practices, as well as provide products at a better rate through our channel partners.

Finish Line IT will provide access to a larger pool of talent and specialized expertise. For example, your IT manager might not have been trained in Microsoft Exchange 2007 or Active Directory. Instead of pulling your hair out and spending weeks or even months trying to figure out why something isn't working, why not call someone who specializes in these types of services? Firms that outsource the IT problems they can't handle will have more time to focus on activities that generate profit.

With our outsourced services, you can gain enterprise support at a discounted rate, and access to intellectual property and wider experience and knowledge. We can help you get to the finish line and meet your goals faster. Outsourced IT services are specialized to meet your needs, whether it's for building a network and installing a phone system or for maintaining your existing network by providing desktop support, server maintenance and taking care of any printer issues.

A healthy computer network is the backbone of your business. As your outsourced IT provider, that means we take a proactive approach by aggressively monitoring your network as if it were our own, with regular updates, patches and upgrades. We keep your network in check so you don't have to, performing scheduled virus scans, providing offsite backup storage and managing your server and firewall, among other outsourced services.

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