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Remote Support
Remote IT SupportWhen you need help fast, remote desktop support is the key to getting you back on track swiftly with little downtime. Just a call or a click away, the engineers at Finish Line IT are ready to help with any questions or problems you might encounter. In minutes, we can remotely control your computer to locate the problem and find a solution.

Is your system locking up? Do you think you have a virus? Need help installing or removing software? Any of these questions can be answered in little time with remote support. Regular maintenance for firewalls, servers, switches can also be managed remotely.

Why is remote support so important? Remote support allows our engineers to access applications and data on a remote computer over a secure network, eliminating the drive time when it's most critical to bring you back up to speed. Customers that use remote support are able to reduce the amount of time they spend troubleshooting, as well as increase the accuracy of the diagnosis.

With remote support, we help IT managers manage, monitor and troubleshoot, to prevent unplanned downtime and loss in productivity to help you meet your objectives on time.

Traditionally, computer users would take their computers into a repair shop and wait days or even weeks before their computer was fixed. With remote support, generally the problem can be resolved within minutes. Remote support is the most cost-effective method for troubleshooting, diagnosing and finding a solution.

Our remote support services include troubleshooting hardware and peripheral errors, virus removal, upgrades of antivirus software, patches, fixing Internet and e-mail errors, remote data backups and supporting your operating system. We can troubleshoot e-mail issues and set-up, install and configure e-mail for all e-mail clients, such as Outlook, Outlook Express and Thunderbird.

We can also diagnose and repair hardware issues, update drivers, install and check, install and update essential security to protect against threats, troubleshoot software errors, and optimize your machine's speed and performance.

Instead of making multiple calls and waiting on hold with various software and hardware companies, you can make a single call and get all the help you need - from the comfort of your office chair.

Remote support offers an added bonus. Since you can watch each step we take to solve your problem, you can learn how to fix the issue if the problem occurs again.

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