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Data Backup and Disaster Prevention
Data Backup and Disaster Prevention Backing up your data is a vital action that needs to be performed to protect your business. One of the biggest threats to a business is data loss or data corruption when computer components fail. Data can be lost from electronic or mechanical failure of a hard drive or a malicious virus. External drives or thumb drives are easily lost or damaged. A dependable backup plan is vital. You cannot afford to be without one. The cost of loss far exceeds the cost of security for your system. Yet a surprising number of businesses lack a reliable backup solution.

Backing up data shouldn't be complicated or cost a fortune. For the home user with little data, an external hard drive will suffice. However, this solution wouldn't make sense for complex business networks. A tape backup solution is a good solution for businesses with multiple servers. An online backup solution or, at the very least, an external hard drive can usually satisfy backup requirements for small businesses with one server.

If you're backing up locally, use software that tracks and schedules back ups. You can also automate backups with some programs, such as QuickBooks, so that every time you close the program, your data is automatically backed up. Offsite storage is also important in case of a fire or natural disaster. Most importantly, don't forget to verify that backups are working properly - backup solutions are not always foolproof.

If your servers were to go down and your data was lost, what would you do? Instead of worrying about recovery, take an active approach. Finish Line IT can engineer solutions, including a disaster prevention plan, so you don't lose sleep over such concerns.

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