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Network Design
Network Design ServicesWhether you are moving your office or want to upgrade your existing network, Finish Line IT can design a custom network that protects your data and bolsters your productivity and communication.

With VPN connections, we implement services that allow users to work remotely through secure channels on your network. Our multiple partners can provide you with reliable software and hardware at cost-effective rates to optimize your network.

We can help you determine what type of network is best for your business, to help you optimize speed, security and growth. Our network services include installation and configuration of firewalls, switches, routers and wireless access points. Materials used for building your network include Cat3, Cat5E, Cat6, fiber optic, and coax cable.

Networks are designed for specific types of services, such as VoIP and PoE. The power of your network can bridge the gap between multiple offices, allowing for interoperability and streamlined communications and connectivity. Your business could have a satellite office down the street or across the world. With a strong network, operations would run as efficiently and profitably as if you were communicating in the same room.

We take into consideration your needs and future growth. During the planning stages of your new network, we will design a network diagram, which illustrates how devices will communicate and integrate with your business infrastructure. With a network diagram, we can make alterations based on your budget or your company's forecasted future growth.

Finish Line IT is a one-stop shop for any new office or for an existing office that is expanding or upgrading their network. After designing your network, we offer all-inclusive services to help you build your network from start to finish, from purchasing the hardware to cabling and installation.

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